June 2015

Moving Prospective Clients to the Optimal Planning Zone

Financial planning professor John Grable conducted research into a prospective client’s level of financial anxiety and physiological arousal that would lead them to engage in a proactive planning process. His conclusions were that a prospective client had the highest level of planning intention when they had low financial anxiety and high physiological arousal.

From the results of Grable’s research we can now look for ways move prospective clients into this optimal planning zone of low financial anxiety and high physiological arousal.

The Best Mix for Sustainable Business Growth

It’s been a safe bet to prospect older clients in order to meet production and asset goals, as that is where the largest concentration of wealth can be found. That has been the trend for younger as well as older advisors. However, we are now experiencing in the investing industry a time where the average age of clients is moving from 62 to an expected 70 over the next several years and the average age of advisors is at 52.

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