Transition- A Time to Review

ransition is a perfect time to question, wonder, reflect, notice, and consider. It may also be a time to learn patience, acceptance, letting go and trust. All of these wonderful life lessons that continually knock at our door in all kinds of ways.

By asking questions we can step back and get some distance from our emotions. We can get clarity about what our priorities are and see the big picture. We can also open a door that lets us examine our new situation.

Consider asking the question, “What can I imagine?” By letting our imagination soar we can explore new possibilities and new mindsets.

By reviewing we may come across something that we have known all along but have never really understood it until now. Take time to review your past accomplishments and think about how you were able to meet them and what tools you used. Our memories of what we have done in the past give us encouragement and can help us make better decisions.

Find ways to explore transition by using vision board collages with cut out pictures from magazines. The board could represent the life you want, your short-term goals, long-term goals or the problems that you are currently facing. Be creative and update your vision board as your life changes. Hang on to your old vision boards as the dreams and values you had in the past can guide you to your future.

Start an “inspiration box” in which you put everything that resonates with you and that you would like in your future. It could be articles, book ideas, pictures, business ideas, lists of components of a perfect day, anything that would come in useful and feels inspiring.

It is a shift to explore “learning and realizing” types of questions that lead us down a much different path than those that push for a quick solution to a situation. Check out the following questions:

How do I understand and evaluate the situation?
What control do I have over the problem that is occurring?
What can I do about my reaction to the situation?
What do I need to see?
What reassessment of the situation can I make?
What might I do differently next time?
What can I know?
What should I know?
What may I hope?

By reflecting on these questions we can let go of the idea that life isn’t the way we thought it was suppose to be and embrace the present situation.

If we need a plan to include a new situation that we find ourselves in, we can ask, “What are the things that must change in order for me to live consistently within my current circumstances?”

Start a new page in your journal during your transition and explore the review questions to see what they reveal to you.