May 2014

A Foolproof Way to Hold People Accountable

If we consider a simple definition of accountability as, “the ability to account for your own actions”- it seems surprisingly straightforward. But, accountability also involves having clearly communicated objectives, being granted authority over those objectives and having predetermined outcomes for either success or failure. Any ambiguity over outcomes, objectives and time-frames will affect your ability to be accountable.

How Advisors and Clients Demonstrate Trust

Trust can mean different things to different people. Trust is also a function of both character and competence. To demonstrate trust, we need to see it in action. For some advisors, establishing and extending trust can be accomplished quite quickly. If there is trust between an advisor and a client, you’ll see more effective communication and collaboration and of course, having a reputation of trust is priceless.

Consider the following 10 ways advisors can demonstrate trust to their clients:

1. Respecting confidentiality.

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