March 2013

Tomorrow's Success Starts With Today's Planning: A Step-by-Step Guide Co-written with Aaron Hoos

The career of a financial advisor is full of challenges and opportunities. Dealing with those constant challenges and relentlessly chasing down those opportunities can be tiring even on the best days (and can stop your business cold on the worst days). How do you navigate the highs and lows of your business, creating a career that grows with you? How do you find and maximize those business-growing opportunities while handling the challenges (and crises!) with ease? It all starts with a business plan – and not just any business plan.

Prospecting More Effectively in Four Easy Steps Co-written with Aaron Hoos

The success of many of the top-earning financial advisors hinges on their ability to simply get more clients. Although exceptions to this rule exist, the advisors who outlast their peers and are nearing retirement with a big book of business are usually those who did more prospecting (and more effective prospecting) earlier in their career. They are also more likely to have maintained the practice even when other advisors stopped.

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