• Rosie’s relaxed, stress free approach was the best way for me to look at my business from an objective point of view. Her insights coupled with her extensive knowledge and calming demeanor really helped me identify my strengths and weakness and allowed me to grow my business.

  • Rosie's services as a business coach have been invaluable in helping me to understand how to better approach my work and personal life and the challenges that I often face therein. I know where I'll be turning next time I find myself at a challenging spot in my career (or even personal life).


  • Working with Rosie has helped me achieve personal and business growth significantly in both arenas. I highly recommend working with Rosie to achieve your goals.


  • Rosie helped me prioritize goals that can help me reach my potential. Well worth the time and investment.


  • Rosie is a fantastic coach! She provides the support and counsel to help businesses and entrepreneurs succeed!


  • I had the privilege of working with Rosie for the last 6 years. Her professionalism, business perception and organization skills allowed to me to run my practice in a highly productive and efficient manner.


  • Rosie exemplifies the integrity, commitment and spirit of a leader. I have found my relationship with Rosie invaluable to my growth and success as an assistant in the financial industry. She exhibits insight, demonstrates practicality, focuses on the issue at hand and guides and directs with intelligence, knowledge and a wonderful gift of humour.


  • I’m not fond of catch phrases but Rosie does “walk the talk” – she leads by example and is highly effective at organizing, setting priorities and analyzing results. She is a patient and disciplined teacher whether it’s one on one or involving a group towards a common goal. As well, she is an excellent listener and someone who is always willing to learn and expand her knowledge.


  • Rosie was very easy to talk to. I can get carried away and get off topic very easily bit she kept bringing me back on task.


  • Rosie is engaging and has an easy laugh. I would recommend her to anyone I come across who needs or could use coaching.


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