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Goal Setting Checklist

Goals can focus your actions and provide direction for your life and career. People set goals to satisfy a need, provide a benefit or to solve a problem. Being able to clearly explain why you want to achieve a goal will provide you with power and strength. The more clearly you can communicate your goal, the more likely others will understand your motivation to reaching it.

Back to Basics – Success Plan Template

A success plan is a combination of an action plan and business plan, mixed in with your values and dreams. It encourages you to consider a vision of your business that is barely believable and to stretch you in taking risks and embracing challenges.

4 Great Books to Enhance Your New Year’s Goal Setting

Since effective goal setting takes practice, I’ve chosen four books that I feel would be excellent resources for those that really want to set and achieve their goals. I’ve written a short book review on each of them and feel that each author’s approach to goal setting is unique. A couple of the books are more scientific and research based while the other two are quite straightforward and easy to digest. I’m sure you’ll get some valuable tips from each one of them so before you set your goals this year have a read though these four books.

Two Strategies to Get the Most From Your Goals

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step."- Lao Tsu

As an advisor, you probably have the acronym SMART (specific, measureable, actionable, realistic, time-bound) memorized. You have written down your goals and you’ve asked someone to hold you accountable. To add extra value and to boost your attainment you can add two more strategies: the goal superchargers—affirmations and visualization.

Strategy 1. Affirmations

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