Book Reviews

"Very interesting and well thought out. When you start reading it, there is no way to stop!"
Francis S Working in the financial industry

"By reading her book you know that Rosemary is dedicated to assisting advisors in their practices whether they are new to the business or a seasoned veteran. As a financial planner with 18+ years experience I found many of her success tips to be relevant to my practice whether I needed a reminder and kick in the butt or an idea for doing something more effectively."

K.G. working in the financial sector

"Great insight for the rookie, advisor and manager! I've been in each position and the advantage of having this guidance at the outset of an advisor's and manager's career would be priceless. I especially like the list format which makes it easy to incorporate Rosemary's advice into a business plan as well as monitoring progress in the accomplishment of goals and objectives."

R.C. working in the financial industry

“Excellent read! Very well written and applicable to all financial advisors regardless of where they are in their business development!”

A.K. working in the financial sector

Rosemary’s book provides insightful and meaningful advice for advisors, particularly those starting out in the business. It serves as a handy cross-reference tool and ensures various aspects of an advisor’s role are progressing forward effectively.

C.M. working in the financial sector

"I read Rosemary's book cover to cover. I found it easy to read and really helpful for my interaction with the advisors in my branch. It is always interesting for a branch manager to have new tool to work with."

S.C. Branch Manager in the financial sector

“101 Success Tips and Strategies for Financial Advisors” is a well organized, clear and concise collection of ideas and advice on how to build and maintain a successful practice. It covers many aspects or running, buying or selling a practice that many advisors often don’t think about (until it’s too late). I found it to be a well thought out and an enjoyable read and recommend it to all advisors regardless of their tenure in the industry.”

A.K. working in the financial sector

It is a very easy read with lots of valuable highlights. It served as a great reminder for me of what I need to focus on to continuing growing my business.

L.S. working in the financial sector

"This book is an excellent checklist of protocols and intelligent practices for both new and seasoned advisors. I found it to be a refreshing fountain of great ideas that advisors may have studied and implemented in the past and shelved."

W.W, working in the financial sector

"I've read your book and I must say it is loaded with nuggets of gold for FA's at any stage of their career. I like how you broke it down in sections that included tips for mostly anyone in the industry. Including favourite quotes throughout was a nice touch!"

Mat J. Charlton, working in the financial sector

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