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Tomorrow's Success Starts With Today's Planning: A Step-by-Step Guide Co-written with Aaron Hoos

The career of a financial advisor is full of challenges and opportunities. Dealing with those constant challenges and relentlessly chasing down those opportunities can be tiring even on the best days (and can stop your business cold on the worst days). How do you navigate the highs and lows of your business, creating a career that grows with you? How do you find and maximize those business-growing opportunities while handling the challenges (and crises!) with ease? It all starts with a business plan – and not just any business plan.

Kick off 2013 with Helpful Resources- Co-written with Sara Gilbert

January is a great month to adapt your practice to meet the changing needs of today's investors and adjust your approach to a new era of deep client engagement. “What are you going to do differently to grow your business?” asks Sara Gilbert, founder of Strategist in Montreal.

Elevate your business model

Holiday Reading List for Advisors- Top 25 Books , Article co-written with Sara Gilbert

Ringing in a New Year always provokes a desire to change and whether you find yourself with more or fewer resolutions in 2013, professional development is one of the keys to your success in this, and every year. In this article, we thought we'd inspire you by providing a reading list to help you get started.

25 Best business development books that you wish you had read sooner in your career:
1. Advanced Selling Strategies by Brian Tracy
2. Awaken the Giant Within by Anthony Robbins

Make 2013 Your Most Successful Year- Co-written with Sara Gilbert

Year-end client reviews are around the corner, and so is your annual business review. As you evaluate your 2012 goals and objectives and start planning next year's, consider going back to basics: how do you position yourself to clients and prospective clients? “Verbalizing clearly who you are, what you do and who you do it for will paint a clear picture for your clients and lead to better qualifying prospective clients”, says Sara Gilbert, founder of Strategist in Montreal.

Optimize Your Client Year-End Reviews, Co-written with Sara Gilbert

Year-end portfolio reviews are around the corner; as you start scheduling your client meetings take this opportunity to leverage the organic potential in your business. Research shows us that today's investor is seeking a deeper level of portfolio review. Beyond returns and data, clients want to build a deep relationship with their advisor.

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