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The Trust Factor-Getting to Know Clients

One of the big commandments in the investment industry is to ‘know your client”, and for some successful advisors it comes down to defining what it means to “know” a client. You may know their phone number and when their next maturity is and their risk level but do you know……

What their values are?
What’s important to them about money?
What kind of legacy they want to leave?

Risk- Thinking the Rush

We talk about risk tolerance in investing. It’s “a measure of your willingness to accept higher risk or volatility in exchange for higher potential returns”. On either ends of the risk scale is -far left – risk adverse or far right- risk inclined. The “comfort zone” is a place somewhere on the left side where people can sleep soundly knowing that their money will still be there tomorrow. As people make gradual decisions to choose other riskier investments the line starts to move to the right increasing the comfort zone area.

Coaching - A Good Investment

One of the definitions of investing is to “make use of for future benefits or advantages”. We invest in stocks, in community, in training, in technology; in name it. Company off-site meetings that allow the employees to get away from the daily grind are sometimes called an “investment in creative effort”. Those retreats offer great ways to; relax, learn and think out of the box. Coaching questions can require a lot of thought as most of the time we don’t stop and think about different areas of our lives and how we feel about them.

Time Management 101

In coaching we talk about “self- management” which is based on the fact that we can only manage ourselves. We all know that time is finite and that there are all kinds of tools, like calenders and appointment books that we use to schedule our days, however, we all have choices on how we live our lives and it’s just a matter of how ready, willing and able we are to make them. Some of the choices can be very challenging and others can be a simple “no thanks”.


It’s one of most powerful words in coaching. "Imagine" that!

Each person who I ask to "imagine" something has his or her own world that they enter and has the potential to take them places in their dreams and desires. This invitation to invest your own mental energy to create something from nothing is a very meaningful way to get you thinking outside the box. The power of this word "imagine" comes from the fact that you are doing all the work to translate your mental pictures into words.

The top 3 reasons why I need and deserve a business coach.

I was chatting with my colleagues and I asked them why their clients came to them for business coaching.

We talked about the clients’ motivation and expectations and we basically stopped short of making this into a contest for them!

The top 3 we came up with were:

  1. Make more money (change career)
  2. I need someone to help me stay on track.
  3. To build a solid team
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