April 2016

When Goals Become Expectations it’s Time to Explore Possibilities

You are probably unaware that your mind is filled with expectations that control much of what you do. For some it’s unlikely that they know how their expectations evolved. It usually starts with a desire, which becomes a goal, then an assumption and finally an expectation. These expectations can create pressure, limit your imagination and blind you to possibilities.

Goal Disengagement

The ability to quit fully is a valuable tool to living well. Successful people have developed this important life skill to know how to quit and how to persist. Sometimes a goal doesn’t deliver what we expected and doesn’t fit into our new priorities. Learn to articulate your goals and anticipate when to change them.

When we fail to meet our goals it can be a very daunting time. Failure can damage our confidence and self-esteem. The hardest goals to quit are the ones that look successful on the surface, but leave us feeling unhappy.

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