March 2012

Book Review by Aaron Hoos

Great resource for financial advisors: 101 Success Tips and Strategies for Financial Advisors by Rosemary Smyth

March 23, 2012, From the desk of Aaron Hoos

From time to time I review helpful resources for my readers — basically the stuff that I put on my bookshelf or in my list of bookmarks; the resources I would use to rebuild my business if it ever burned to the ground.

(Note: These are NOT paid endorsements. I don’t receive any financial incentive or affiliate income for doing these).

Interview with Investment Executive-Get more out of your community involvement

Join for the right reasons and keep the business aspect secondary

By Fiona Collie | March 27, 2012

Becoming more involved in charity events and local initiatives can help you build your business while giving back to the community.

"Being involved in the community is definitely a way to reach prospects and reach new people," says Rosemary Smyth, coach and owner of Rosemary Smyth and Associates in Victoria, which specializes in coaching financial advisors. "[Prospects] get to know your name and to know you a little bit on a casual basis rather than as a professional."

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